Just In Time!

BioChem lecture for 9am and I woke up at half 8! Rushin to class, fingers crossed that the group quiz hasn’t already started. As I enter LRC all eyes turns to watch the late-comer an I reluctantly search for an empty seat. Jason (my lecturer) goes through the carbohydrate slides, the podcast of which I viewed over the weekend. Finally about 5mins before the end, we formed groups of 5 and did the quiz 🙂


“Learn. Not bec…

“Learn. Not because you feel you have to, but because you know you want to. Be inspired by what you understand, and be driven by what you do not. Use your mind to realize who you are and to help mankind reach its potential. Shun ignorance, combat indifference, question everything, and above all never be afraid of the truth.”
— The Scientist’s Manifesto