FML ))):

So last week..i had a chem exam that i knew nothing for..and i came up with what i thought was a genius idea! I decided to all-night monday into tuesday, and tuesday into wednesday to study chemistry. Monday’s all-nighter went great but i began to feel sick in the morning because caffeine makes me feel sick, and i missed the biochem lecture.


So..i was like no scene..i’ll just all-night in school tuesday and go straight into biochem lecture wednesday morning. But OFC 6am i’m running 48hrs withour sleep…dying..thinking 3 more hours to biochem lecture is more than infinity hours and i leave school at 7am. Then to find out we had two exams each day! And also TCA which was taught in class is the only topic with NO podcasts!




Great. FML. I’ll have to do my own research to be able to blog this week. WEHH Happy easter to me 😦



Just got 10 out of 10 in my first attempt at the online Cell quiz…and also found out lab report date has been extended!




Tears of joy. 

“Learn. Not bec…

“Learn. Not because you feel you have to, but because you know you want to. Be inspired by what you understand, and be driven by what you do not. Use your mind to realize who you are and to help mankind reach its potential. Shun ignorance, combat indifference, question everything, and above all never be afraid of the truth.”
— The Scientist’s Manifesto