TCA cycle

After glycolysis has occurred  once oxygen is available, Acetyl-CoA is produced and it enters the Krb’s or TCA cycle which takes place in the matrix of the mitochondria. TCA cycle is easily explained in the form of a diagram:



The following videos are also very useful!


Kreb’s/ TCA Cycle Video Review

As i previously mentioned, I usually watch a few youtube channels when studying, as it often makes learning fun and easy. Another one of my favourite channels is ThinkWell, who also has a website with a lot of great information on biology and chemistry topics. I came across one of his videos on TCA and will now do a review on it:

Summary of the video:

The video basically breaks down TCA step by step, showing and explaining the mechanisms of each reaction, and ending with the first reactant being the last product, hence emphasizing the cyclic part of the Kreb’s Cycle.

  • His animated voice as well as excessive hand gestures kept the video interesting as well as full attention throughout the entire video.
  • Every single reaction of TCA is explained individually and in depth with mentions including but not limited to: reactions, reactants,  chemical structure of products and reactants, enzymes and by-products.
  • Cutting of compounds showed the physical breaking and forming of bonds example S-CoA.
  • The type of each reaction occurring is mentioned which included but is not limited to: oxidation, NAD reduction, destabilisation, exothermic reactions and subtrate-level phosphorylation.
  • The way in which each reaction occurs and products formed is demonstrated.
  • A downloadable paper to follow along with the video is available on the channel’s offical website:

However, one way in which the video can be improved is if a white board is used instead of so many paper so that paper can be saved.

In conclusion, i believe that the video is amazing, makes learning fun and easy while at the same time covering the necessary information.

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